The Macedonian Tendency: "Hellenism Is Racism" - Pathetic Whine From Greek American Lobby

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Hellenism Is Racism" - Pathetic Whine From Greek American Lobby

It is important to read the full scope of the "Greek position" on Macedonia and Macedonians. When I have time, I would like to produce a point by point rebuttal for those American politicians who would like some "amo" to resist "Hellenic racism", because, lets face it , as practiced in modern times, "Hellenism Is Racism"

Hellenic News of America

The State Department’s reversal of policy on November 4, 2004 by the recognition of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as the "Republic of Macedonia" was an act of disgraceful proportions as it relates to our staunch ally and supporter in the Balkans, Greece. This act is harmful to U.S. interests in the Balkans.

We call on President Bush to reconsider this misinformed and ill-advised policy and to tell the State Department to withdraw recognition of FYROM as Macedonia as in the best interests of the United States.

We call on President Bush to inform FYROM to continue in good faith its diplomatic dialogue with Greece on the name issue under UN auspices.

The State Department stated that this decision was made with the purpose of providing "stability" in "Macedonia," regarding the November 7, 2004 referendum in FYROM on the law giving the ethnic Albanian minority greater local autonomy. We disagree strongly with State’s position. On the contrary, recognition does not help to facilitate stability in the region.

Consideration needed to be given to the sensitivities by this decision and how it would potentially impact all of FYROM’s neighbors, especially Greece.

Yet, State Department Spokesman, Richard Boucher, during his press briefing on November 5, 2004 stated that he wasn’t aware of any consultations by the U.S. with FYROM’s neighbors prior to recognition.

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