The Macedonian Tendency: Opend Letter to Carl Bildt

Monday, May 16, 2005

Opend Letter to Carl Bildt

Dear Mr. Bildt,

By definition, since Greece is a member of both Nato and the European Union, Greece's values regarding minority rights in general, and the rights of ethnic Macedonians in particular, are Nato and EU values.

By definition, if any former communist country adopted the Greek position on the rights of minorities, they would have no problem being admitted into Nato and the EU.

I am sure you will agree with me. Thank you.

Bildt Comments: Macedonia Moving

Saturday, March 12, 2005
Macedonia Moving

It might not be the biggest global story at the moment, but the first round of the local elections in Macedonia this Sunday are not without interest.

... After heavy political intervention by the EU and the US, a political deal was brokered in Ohrid, and the country set on a new path with greater rights for its Albanian minority, consisting of somewhat more than a fifth of the total population.

... But much more needs to be done, and that was the subject of the meeting. And at the centre of the discussions were the prospect for closer relations to, eventually leading to membership of, the European Union. That is seen as the safest way to both peace and prosperity for the region.

The silent success of the Ohrid Agreement has showed the peace possibilities - and the economic integration will over time show the prosperity potential.

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