The Macedonian Tendency: Talk is cheap, because supply esceeds demand!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Talk is cheap, because supply esceeds demand!

This is a great letter to a Democrat Congressman, John Conyers which can be usedas a model to write your representative. I think that it is important for them to know the truth while they are betraying the values that they hold dear. When it comes time "for the last to be first and the first to be last," then these politicians will need information to justify their switch of allegiance.

I have heard Conyers discuss the need to address reparations for slavery for Aftrican Americans. I do not doubt that he is a sincere person, but there are more Greek votes in his district that Macedonian votes.

We know the motto of all politicians ... "money talks ... bullshit walks."

Letter to Congressman John Conyers by Dr. Michael Seraphinoff

Macedonian people in northern Greece today still suffer from harsh racist treatment at the hands of their Greek neighbors. Groups such as Human Rights Watch have documented the suppression of their language, culture and identity there. Institutionalized racism has denied Macedonians the public use of their language and even the right to identify themselves with their traditional name going back many hundreds of years. The Greek government has also denied the right of return of the thousands of Macedonians forced into exile during past wars, a process which continues today due to on-going suppression of their language, culture and identity in Greece. I am certain that your staff will have no trouble finding the documentation of this gathered by human rights groups over the years in even the most cursory of internet web searches.

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