The Macedonian Tendency: Facts about Orthodox Church destruction in Kosovo

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Facts about Orthodox Church destruction in Kosovo

It is interesting to note that even an strong Christian like George Bush is trying to bend over backwards to appease Muslims while ignoring Muslim attacks on Christians. Good article, relies on facts rather than emotion.

Is Koran flushing worse desecration than blowing up Christian churches?: "s Koran flushing worse desecration than blowing up Christian churches?

Mary Mostert

May 18, 2005

The stupidity and senseless violence that caused a number of deaths in reaction to a Newsweek article which claimed Americans had 'desecrated the Islamic holy book' needs to be examined from a couple of angles. According to Newsweek American military interrogators had placed the Koran on the lavatory inside inmates' cells at the detention center in Guantanamo Bay and had 'in at least one case, flushed a holy book down the toilet.'

The article supposedly so enraged Muslims that anti-American riots resulted in several countries. The radical Arab newspaper Al Jazeera reported 'Protests in Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan and Indonesia followed demonstrations across much of Afghanistan in the past few days in which 14 people were killed and dozens injured after clashes with police. Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria have registered displeasure at the alleged desecration.'


Second, assuming you could overcome that technical difficulty and actually flush a Koran down a toilet, why is that somehow worse than burning down or blowing up Christian Churches, some of them hundreds of years old, as Muslims have done in Kosovo? There were 30 churches and monasteries destroyed, 19 people killed and 250 non-Muslim homes looted and burned in Muslim riots in Kosovo from March 17-19, 2004.

If killing people and rioting is an acceptable way to express one's concern over one's religion being desecrated, what is an acceptable way for Christians to react to hundreds of Christian Churches being desecrated or blown up? There seems to have been nothing much done in recent years following the destruction of Serbian Orthodox Churches by anti-Christian Muslim extremists. In fact, the world community is even still talking about allowing those very same Muslims to completely take over Kosovo and ethnically cleanse it of Serbs, where Serbs have lived for and built churches for hundreds of years.

The Christian Churches blown up by Muslims in Kosovo last year included:

1. Orthodox Cathedral of the Most Holy Mother of God of Ljevis, 14th century (Prizren)

2. Church of Holy Salvation, 14th century (Prizren)

3. Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Great Martyr George, 20th century (Prizren)

4. Holy Archangels Monastery, 14th century (Prizren)

5. Church of St. George Runovic, 15th century (Prizren, courtyard of the Episcopate)

6. Church of St. John the Fore-runner and Baptist (Pec) with parish home

7. Church of the Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God into the Temple (Belo Polje near Pec)

8. Church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God (Djakovica) with parish home

9. Church of the Holy King Uros (Urosevac)

10. Church of St. Nicholas (Kosovo Polje)

11. Church of St. Catharine (Bresje near Kosovo Polje)

12. Church of St. Nicholas (Pristina)

13. Church of St. Nicholas (Gnjilane)

14. Church of St. Sava (Kosovska Mitrovica)

15. Church in Vitina (Vitina near Gnjilane)

16. Devic Monastery, 14th century (Srbica)

17. Church in Donja Slapasnica (Kosovska Kamenica)

18. Church in Brnjak near Bela Crkva (Orahovac)

19. Church of St. John the Fore-runner and Baptist (Pecka Banja)

20. Church of St. Elijah, 19th century (Vucitrn)

21. Church of St. Michael (Stimlje)

22. Church in Obilic (Obilic)

23. Church of St. Lazarus in Piskoti (Djakovica), damaged in 1999, now burned

24. Sts. Cyril and Methodius Seminary building (Prizren)

25. Episcopate — seat of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren (Prizren)

It was also reported that the Albanian Muslims are removing the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity (Djakovica), one of the more than 100 churches blown up in 1999.

Since 1999 Muslims have destroyed 140 Christian Churches in Kosovo. And, exactly what has been the official Muslim response from Muslims in Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, the Gaza Strip, Afghanistan, etc to that desecration of Christian churches and artifacts? Dead silence.


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