The Macedonian Tendency: Human Rights in the Republic on Macedonia

Friday, May 20, 2005

Human Rights in the Republic on Macedonia

Just a small point of interest. It seems that Macedonian Helsinki Committee publishes its findings on a monthly basis. Here is their English web site.

SEE Portal - Homepage / News / News:Macedonia - April Report on Human Rights in Macedonia

20 May 2005

Yesterday, May 19, the Macedonian Helsinki Committee published its monthly Report on Human Rights in Macedonia, covering April 2005.

The Report accuses the Government of Macedonia of discrimination of citizens in terms of realization of their basic human rights and freedoms, and creates an atmosphere of mistrust in the institutions and the rule of Law.

As most serious cases of discrimination, the Committee points out the cases of Albanian women who were prevented from voting in the Local Elections 2005, and the discriminatory action of the Government that decided to provide financial assistance only for the spouses of the Hague Suspects, Ljube Boskovski and Johan Tarculovski and completely forgot about the other suspects that are tried in domestic courts for similar offences.

The Committee also emphasizes the failure by the state to adopt appropriate solution for the problem of the internally displaced persons in the conflict of 2001, and the fact that the Government didn’t prepare standards and criteria for compensation of the citizens that lost real estate and other property in the conflict.

You can find the Macedonian version of the Report HERE.

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