The Macedonian Tendency: Rainbow-Vinozhito Letter to Matthew Nimetz

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rainbow-Vinozhito Letter to Matthew Nimetz

A long letter to Matthew Nimetz about his proposal which include a proposed declaration that all people in Greek Macedonia are in fact Greek. This is similar to the declaration by Austrailia in the early 90's that all people from the Republic of Macedonia would be called "Macedonian Slavs" which pissed off the Albanians and Turks of Macedonia.Nimetz has resign and admitt the the policy of appeasement with regard to Greece's policy of cultural genocide is not going to work.

2005 Letter to Matthew Nimetz:

..."Specifically, in a section of your interpretive statement you mention inter alia: 'As yet another example, the Republika Makedonija-Skopje must recognize that there is an administrative province in Greece with the name 'Greek Macedonia' (and not Macedonia of the Aegean or Aegean Macedonia under Greece) and that those who live in Greek Macedonia commonly define themselves as Greek Macedonians in the Greek regional and cultural sense of the name, and that such names have to be used and respected.'**

With all due respect, Mr. Nimetz, we are obliged to inform you that this province of Northern Greece, or Greek Macedonia, is also inhabited by Greek citizens who define themselves as ethnic Macedonians. They are the members of the indigenous ethnic Macedonian minority, who in no way adopt the Greek regional and cultural sense of the name you refer to.

Could you kindly inform us: on the basis of what data did you assume that Northern Greece is inhabited solely by Greeks, so that when the neighboring Republic of Macedonia refers to the inhabitants of this region it should use the exclusive term 'Greek Macedonians' for everyone, including us? "

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