The Macedonian Tendency: Another Great Article From Reality Macedonia

Monday, May 23, 2005

Another Great Article From Reality Macedonia

Calling a politician a hypocrite, is like saying the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It is part of the fabric of domestic politics and international relations. The analysis below on international law and the Macedonian "name issue" is a very learned and an intelligent analysis of our situation. However, relying on international law is a tricky business. In my opinion, because of its discrimination against its ethnic Macedonian minority, Greece is not elligible to be a member of the EU, but it is a member in good standing and has forced the entire EU to adopt illegal procedures against Macedonia. We have to be wary of putting our eggs in the legal basket. Use the law against the EU and Greece by concentrating on the violations of human rights in Greece. Take that to the International Court

Strategy to Return Macedonia's Constitutional Name in the UN: "Thus a key for solving the name issue of Republic of Macedonia in UN is to bring forth new resolution to General Assembly which would exclude additional conditions imposed on Macedonia in appropriate resolutions during its admission as UN member. Macedonia alone or together with other member countries can initiate the suggestion for such General Assembly resolution if it appraises that result from the vote is positive. If, on the other hand, in spite of a long and intensive political activity and 'lobbying,' absolute conviction in a positive aftermath of such resolution is not acquired, then Macedonia should question the legality of additional conditions in front of International Court of Justice (through appropriate resolution of General Assembly). But the Court in 1948 had already given its interpretation to Article 4 from the Charter, ruling out any expansion of the conditions for admission. Thence its position on the same issue cannot be any different from that of 1948. In UN General Assembly’s practice no case has been noticed when UN General Assembly has not taken into consideration the advisory opinion of International Court of Justice.

Solving the problem of the name of RM in the UN by requesting advisory opinion from International court of justice is the most desirable path for Macedonia to follow since it includes only principles and norms from international law, Court’s authority that once came out for this issue and avoids games of political interests where Macedonian stakes are relatively small. It is only with such approach towards the problem that the sovereign right for choice of name bears its full 'weight.' In that case Greek demands for intervention in foreign name would remain groundless. Only that approach provides politically neutral solution for the problem and enables international interactions, member of which is Greece, to conduct common politics towards Macedonia (including recognition of its constitutional name), referring to political will of world community (expressed in UN). Greece, of course, has sovereign right to call Macedonia whatever it desires."

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