The Macedonian Tendency: Good article about Macedonian Church resistance against Serbian Church

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Good article about Macedonian Church resistance against Serbian Church

Very good news and a good article about the resistance of the Macedonian Orthodox Church against the deisre of the Seriban Orthodox Church to re-establish its colonial rule over Macedonians.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

New Bishops Strengthen Macedonian Church's Hand

Influx of new blood into synod likely to stiffen its resolve in long-running dispute with Serbian church.

By Tamara Causidis in Skopje (BCR No 555, 11-May-05)

Macedonia's Orthodox Church hierarchy, long embroiled in a battle for recognition by its Serbian counterpart, has boosted its ranks by admitting three new bishops, in what church-watchers say is a move to strengthen its hand in the dispute.

The church's governing body, the synod, voted to accept three new members all at once in April. The move was without precedent, as the synod in the past has only admitted new members one by one.

The three newcomers, bishops Metodij, Kliment and Pimen, were declared auxiliary bishops, which means they will not be able to vote in the Synod until later this year, when they expect promotion to the rank of diocesan bishops.

The new synod members are seen as an attempt to consolidate the position of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, MPC, in its decades-long struggle with the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC.

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