The Macedonian Tendency: June 9th - McCain, Obama and Clinton on Macedonia

Monday, June 09, 2008

June 9th - McCain, Obama and Clinton on Macedonia

By David Edenden

Macedonians don't often get a chance to see people discussing the Macedonian "name issue". This is from last March.

I had not realized that McCain was so hot on Macedonia's entry into Nato. Obviously, I was not surprised by
Obama's position.

I assumed McCain decided that it was not worth pandering to the Greek vote since the US has already recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name ... so the damage has already been done. On the other hand, this maybe an honorable decision based on McCain's appreciation of Macedonia's contribution to the war on terror in Afganistan and Iraq.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Obama. and Rice discuss Macedonia and Greece. Would both of them be embarrassed or ashamed because ... you know ... Macedonians are the "Niggers of the Balkans".

Upon reflection, I don't think so. Obama and Susan Rice are like lawyers who defend Mafia bosses, without a second thought, because that is their designated role in the criminal justice system.

Racist appeasement of your friends (Greece) to gain votes is part of the political process as much as appeasement of your enemies.
Campaign 2008 Conversations: U.S. Foreign Policy
Council on Foreign Relations:
March 7, 2008


... And Susan, I'll start -- I'll give you the dubious honor of having the first question on this -- (scattered laughter) -- or the first crack at the question on the NATO summit that's coming up in Bucharest in April where one of the principle issues will be NATO expansion. ...

...Would your candidate use the full force of the presidency, if he were president, at that summit, to push for membership now for Croatia, Albania and Macedonia? ...

Susan E Rice (Obama adviser)

... Let me begin by making clear that Senator Obama's perspective is that NATO expansion has served our interests well, and that it is a process that ought to continue as countries come online that are ready and suited for NATO membership.

So with respect to the first three countries that are on deck, obviously, there are issues to be resolved within NATO, particularly with Greece with respect to Macedonia and its name.

And we would want to see that resolved cooperatively in a fashion that takes into account the sensitivities of our Greek allies.And yet the incorporation of those countries is ultimately in our interest and one that would strengthen Europe and, I think, enhance our ability to deal with some of the pressures that we're seeing arise from Russia vis-a-vis its neighbors. So yes, those three, we would like to find a way to move forward



... On Albania, Croatia and Macedonia, Senator McCain has been strongly outspoken in support for including them. They are ready. In the case of Macedonia, they've been a membership action plan for eight or nine cycles.

With respect to the Greek concerns, the United States recognizes Macedonia under its constitutional name.

And he certainly hopes that there's not going to be this throwback to the 19th century style of Balkan politics, and the Greeks throw a red card on the membership of Macedonia.


MARA RUDMAN: (Clinton Adviser)

...And so where I get a little bit concerned, Randy, is when you sound like you're issuing ultimatums in a variety of fronts without finding ways to be able to talk and discuss and work through our issues as well.

And I get a little bit concerned when I hear you talking that way with respect to Greece and Macedonia as well. I think that requires some skilled diplomacy to work out.

We absolutely need to find ways to bring Macedonia in without question. But finding the way to do that is not just by issuing the ultimatum about what can and cannot be but also working through sometimes some difficult issues that we have.

I think we've had too many ultimatums over the last seven years that haven't necessarily served us well with the rest of the world. And we need to find ways to move forward that both achieve U.S. objectives with respect to a variety of issues but also find ways to bring our friends and allies with us....

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