The Macedonian Tendency: June 1st - Time For A "Grande Coaliton" in Macedonia

Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 1st - Time For A "Grande Coaliton" in Macedonia

By David Edenden

It is now 2:00 pm, Sunday, June 1, 2008 (New York Time) and the polls are about to close in the Macedonian election.

I call for the main Macedonian parties and the two Albanian parties to consider forming a "Grande Coalition", in the manner that Germany has adopted from time to time.


1. With regard to economic policies, all parties favor privatization and economic integration with the EU.

2. With regard to foreign affairs, all parties favor joining Nato. A united front will force Nato to some how over rule the Greek veto and admit Macedonia.

3. All parties favor the rights of ethnic Macedonians to determine their own ethnic identity. All parties, I assume, favor the struggle for human rights for ethnic Macedonians living in Greece and Bulgaria.

4. Most conflict between political parties seem to be over the division of patronage and a "Grande Coalition will divide patronage appointment more fairly and battle corruption with a more even hand.

5. All peoples of Macedonia will be in a united front facing Greek attempts to destabilize Macedonia which will lead to civil war in Macedonia, as many are now predicting. This is in no one's interest, except Greek racists.

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