The Macedonian Tendency: It's A Mystery - "One of A Macedonian Minority"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's A Mystery - "One of A Macedonian Minority"

By David Edenden

It's a mystery. It seems that 20 % ( 53% as of 27th eve) of the hits to my site today come from the search phrase "One of A Macedonian Minority". I searched Google using this phrase and could find nothing.

I assume it comes from an e-mail list. If anyone has any information about this search, please contact me.

It's a mystery!

Oh by the way ... your other friends are going here ...
Sarkozy to Macedonian Minority in Greece: Drop Dead!

Mystery solved

Apparently the answer is "Slav" if you are looking for the answer to the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle. But the LA times is WRONG! "Ethnic Macedonians" speak a Slavic language and are a minority in Greece. See Some Get's It Right About Macedonia vs Greece! or June 6th - "Slav-Macedonian" Rears Its Ugly Head!

... you may be surprised that Barack Obama supports Greek racism against its ethnic Macedonian minority. See "Oprah, Obama Will Disapoint You!"


  1. The hits are from those of us who are stumped by the L.A. Times crossword! Google is (usually) the best for crossword cheaters :)

  2. It is a question on a crosswod puzzle. I would also like to know this. Clete

  3. "one of a macendonian minority " is a question in a very popular crossword puzzle from don gagliardo. i bet you all your hits are people like me looking for the answer to that question in the crossword

  4. "one of a macedonian minority" forgot, the answer to the crossword puzzle is SLAV