The Macedonian Tendency: Family Tree: Consciousness

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Tree: Consciousness

By David Edenden

I know for a fact that I have Grkoman (Hellenophile) relatives in "Northern Greece" whose children do not know they are Macedonian. The kids, no doubt have gone to demonstrations shouting "death Skopjians" without knowing that they have relatives in Skopje. Without a doubt they have "Greek Consciousness".

It reminds me of the story of a Polish mother who tried to start a relationship with her daughter who lived in East Germany after WW2. It seems the girl was kidnapped by the Germans because she had blue eyes
and blond hair. This girl, now a woman, would not go back to Poland
even though she knew who her real mother was, because she "felt"
German. She had a "German Consciousness"

Another story from Chile or Argentina about a police chief who
kidnapped a suspected terrorist (female and pregnant) who was tortured
for information. The woman was allowed to live long enough to give
birth and then she was killed because she could identify her
torturers. The baby was taken by the police chief and raised as his
own child. The woman's brother eventually found out the truth and
tried to legally get the boy back. The boy, who was then 16, would not
go back to live with the brother of his mother, even though he knew
who his real family was, because he "felt" like the son of the police
man ... the man that murdered his mother! (Where is Shakespeare when
you need him)

I am sure that if Cyprus is unified, Greek relatives will find a
woman or man in their 30's who was taken as a child by the Turks
during the Turkish invasion and now refuses to have anything to do
with the Greek relatives because of his or her "Turkish Consciousness"

We can then invite Bill Clinton to have Macedonian and Greeks get together and share each others pain, because the Macedonians will know how the Greeks feel.

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