The Macedonian Tendency: June 20th - EU Supports Macedonian Election Terrorists

Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20th - EU Supports Macedonian Election Terrorists

By David Edenden

The EU has given terrorists in Macedonia a veto in coming EU membership by postponing entry talks because of the violence perpetrated by terrorists!

Well done EU!

Good for Ireland ... giving the boots to these fakers!
European Union gives Macedonia cold shoulder at summit after election violence -
International Herald Tribune:
Friday, June 20, 2008

BRUSSELS, Belgium: The European Union on Friday punished Macedonia for election violence by not fixing a date for the start of accession talks.

An earlier draft statement by EU leaders said the EU was "looking forward" to the opening of talks with Macedonia on possible future membership by the end of the year.

But an edited copy endorsed at an EU summit now merely acknowledges that "further steps" by Macedonia are still possible in 2008 in its drive to join the EU.

Macedonian parliamentary elections on June 1 were affected by violence and irregularities, leading to reruns in 183 polling stations on Sunday.

Those reruns were also marred by complaints of irregularities, including ballot stuffing and multiple voting, prompting Macedonian election authorities to annul the results from 12 polling stations Friday and plan to hold ballots for a third time in 10 of them on June 29.

The EU called on Macedonia to respect its commitment to uphold EU standards on democracy and human rights and to resolve its long-running dispute with Greece over Macedonia's name.

Croatia, Turkey and Macedonia are candidates for EU membership, but only the first two countries have started accession talks.

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