The Macedonian Tendency: Nato Is Not A Friend of Macedonia

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nato Is Not A Friend of Macedonia

Protest letter sent to Nato over an incident:
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Macedonia sent a letter of protest to Nato's General Secretary Jan De Hoop Scheffer.

Letter was sent by Macedonian Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski after an incident at a NATO's traning in France called "Steadfast Junction" where greek Officer asked Macedonian Officers to remove their badges where the Flag and the country name is stitched up.

The Macedonian Officers refused and informed the Central Command in Macedonia about the incident. After consultations the Macedonian Officers left France, so the incident doesn't escalate.

"This is a first incident of its kind, as we have soldiers on many NATO missions, and no, this hasn't happened before." said Zaharaie Vulgarakis, spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense.

Because of this incident, Macedonian Defense Ministry did not send Officers to NATO's scheduled training in Stavanger, Norway.

The Greek provocations have quadrupled after the elections were announced in Macedonia. In part because Prime Minister Gruevski has added 4 points to his Program, where he says that the name would not be changed, or, if there is a very favorable compromise, Gruevski would put the name on a Referendum, where it is certain to be defeated, even if the name is favorable. This way, very intelligently, the Prime Ministers put the 'name issue' in the hands of Macedonians.

The reaction from Athens was swift upon hearing of the 4 points. Athens spokesman Koumutsakis, as well as Bakoyannis issued quick statements that "there shouldn't be a referendum" as if anyone asked them about their opinion. Their statements were ignored, and the provocations started.

Athens is stuck in a loosing battle. Millions of euros were funneled to Macedonian Media, (Utrinski Vesnik, Dnevnik, even "independent" Agency MakFax) who all had large editorial pieces how Macedonia should simply 'give up' to Athens' caprice to change our name. Branko Geroski, Ljubmoric Frckovski.... probably had the worst Anti-Macedonian pieces ever written, on par with Athens daily Kathimerini, Elevtherostipos etc. Later, our sources tell us those articles from Utrinski, Dnevnik... were used by Athens at the UN against us, "look what your papers write", even though Athens paid for and ordered those articles. Similar was the situation with statements from 'our' officials, in particularly Gligorov. Athens paid, and paid handsomely for his statements a decade ago.

I wont get into SDSM and how much money Athens has sent this party. As an illustration, Radmila Sekerinska wears shoes worth 5000 Euros. If you don't care where the money came from, then think of the poor crocodiles and snakes she wears.

Good thing is, people like Gligorov & Co are out and his remaining associates are on their way out as well.

On Sunday, Elections. Go out and vote. I wont tell you who to vote for, hopefully you have a functioning brain to know this little. As for the Macedonian Officers leaving France and not reacting to the Athens officer provocation, Good on you! Though, another option could have been to make him eat the Macedonian badge. All I am saying is keep all options open.

Gorazd V.

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