The Macedonian Tendency: It's Samantha Power, Obama's Advisor, Who is the Monster, Not Hillary Clinton

Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Samantha Power, Obama's Advisor, Who is the Monster, Not Hillary Clinton

By David Edenden

I feel a bit like Christopher Hitchens criticizing Mother Teresa, but it is Samantha Power, Obama's adviser and "human rights activist" (A Problmen From Hell) who is the monster, not Hillary Clinton.

I believe that Samantha Power was instrumental in convincing Barack Obama to adopt the Greek position on the "what's in a name dispute" between Macedonians and Greeks ... which is tantamount to supporting racism and cultural genocide.

Anyway, below are a few posts about the "saintly" Samantha Power and the "inspirational" Barack Obama.

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  1. She's gone from Obama's team, isn't she...

  2. David, do you have any actual evidence that it was Power who was to blame for Obama's support for Greece on the name dispute ? I'd be very surprised if this were the case; I suspect Obama made his decision on the basis of domestic political calculations (winning the Greek American vote), not because of any advice from someone like Power. And her book 'A problem from Hell' was fantastic - not the sort of person one would imagine would support a chauvinistic attack on a small nation.

  3. Mark, no I do not have actual evidence that it was Power who is to shoulder most of the blame for Obama's support for Greek racism against ethnic Macedonians in the "what's in a name" dispute.

    I agree that her book "A Problem from Hell" was great, but not perfect. Like Mother Teresa, Samantha Power is not perfect.

    She is on the Board of Directors of the International Crisis Group which has totally ignored the plight of Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria while promoting "more rights for Albanians in Macedonia. The ICG promotes itself as a "human rights group" but is instead a group of vampires led by an anti-Macedonian ex-Austrailian politician (and kangroo f**ker).

    As I said, I do not have proof that our friend Samantha was sthe main instigator of Obama's "FYROM" but she was figuratively in the room and gave it "Two Thumbs up".

    By the way, Michael Ignatifieff, her fellow professor at the "The Carr Center for Human Rights" is now a leading Member of Parliament of the Canadian Liberal Party which has also taken a "pro-Greek" position.

    It's a plot I tell ya! Next time I hear Power or Ignatieff talk about human rights ... I am going to spit!