The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian Film Festival London!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Macedonian Film Festival London!


“Macedonia:The most powerful place on earth“
(Richard Bang's Adventures with Purpose)

Michael Palin in his latest book said that Macedonia is ready to be taken seriously! As evidence of this, the first MFF which takes place in London is marking an important step forward introducing insight into Macedonian culture through Macedonian cinematography.

2008 is The Year of Macedonian Language and this coincides with Krug launching the First Macedonian Film Festival in the UK, a debut event of this kind. This event celebrates over 100 years of Macedonian rich film making tradition and all the talent within it. Adding this event to the European cultural map enriches European cultural expansion, increases knowledge, raises awareness and creates partnerships in mutual understanding and acceptance.

This is a significant time in recent South Eastern European history. An united, liberated Macedonia is ready to show the world its rich and unique cultural heritage and influences in all aspects of the arts. The Macedonian Film Festival is the first in a series of events that celebrate, promote and share such a valuable contribution to the worldwide cultural arena.

Are You ready for us?

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