The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonia and Russia Wash Each Others Hands.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Macedonia and Russia Wash Each Others Hands.

In today's geopolitical environment, Macedonian cannot get too close to Russia. Good for the Macedonian government. - Russia to Pay Off Macedonia Debt with Skopje Gas Pipeline

MIA announced yesterday that the Russian and Macedonian governments have agreed on a plan by which some $15 million of the former's debt will be paid off with the construction of a natural gas pipeline ring around Skopje.

... Last year, Russia and Macedonia announced a new period of economic partnership is beginning between the two countries, on everything from import-export to construction. In this context, MIA quoted Ivica Bocevski, chief of cabinet for newly-appointed Vice-Premier for Economic Affairs Minco Jordanov, as saying that further energy-sector projects between the pipeline partners will be considered following the signing of an inter-governmental agreement on Russian debt payment.

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