The Macedonian Tendency: ICG - Independen Kosova good, Independent Srpska Republica bad!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

ICG - Independen Kosova good, Independent Srpska Republica bad!

A Macedonian interview with the coordinator in Macedonian of the pseudo - human rights group "International Crisis Group". Painfull to read. The interviewer did not question him on ICG's position on ... you know .... Macedonians in Greece.

ICG’s Whyte: It’s Better for Macedonia if Kosovo Becomes Independent

Whyte: As you know, we've been very supportive of Macedonia on the question of the international use of the correct name of the country, and in opposing any division of Macedonia territorially between ethnic groups. Our judgment is essentially a realist one. We simply do not see a possibility of Kosovo Albanians agreeing to participate in any state structures which are connected to Belgrade. It just won't happen. The legacy of the abuse of Belgrade rule in Kosovo is simply too great. (In addition, it has to be said that Belgrade has made little effort to acknowledge its own past failure to discharge its responsibilities to its own ethnic Albanian citizens.)

Your examples are good ones - the Bosnian Serbs have been participating in the BiH state structures for almost a decade now, and the Turks never withdrew their consent from the Bulgarian state. The situations are very different. We have to ask the question, who will impose a different solution to the Kosovars? You can't say that the Kosovars are morally deficient, as you're implying...

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