The Macedonian Tendency: CIA Kidnapping With Macedonian Help Gets the Times Treatmen

Monday, February 14, 2005

CIA Kidnapping With Macedonian Help Gets the Times Treatmen

This kidnapping my upset some weak kneed namby-pamby bleading heart liberals, but its great for Macedonia earning brownie points with our friends in the CIA ... CIA you owe us.

The U.S. Stands Accused of Kidnapping

Thus, the first opportunity was to be used to ferret the suspect from Neu-Ulm off to be interrogated in the secret prisons in Afghanistan. On Dec. 31, 2003, el-Masri boarded a bus in Munich bound for Macedonia. He was looking, he said later, to get some time away. A week of vacation in Skopje seemed just the thing. He and his wife had fought heavily, el-Masri claimed. When he crossed the Serbian-Macedonian border, patrols pulled him off the bus.

All explanations were in vain as three armed Macedonian men in street clothes took him to a hotel. After three weeks of interrogations, one of the Macedonians told el-Masri that "the matter is now no longer in our hands." El-Masri recalls that seven or eight masked men put some diapers and a dark-blue training suit on him, before bringing him to an airplane, fastening him up tight with a seatbelt and then sedating him with an injection.

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