The Macedonian Tendency: EU Can't Get Its Story Straight

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

EU Can't Get Its Story Straight

It is indicated that Brussels objected to Ankara's demand to attach a declaration to the protocol saying it does not recognize the Cypriot Greek side and upon this Ankara reminded the EU that it attached an expression to the agreement it made with Macedonia saying the EU does not recognize the country as the Macedonian Republic'.


'Greek Protocol' Crisis with EU Still To Be Solved
By Selcuk Gultasli
Published: Sunday 13, 2005

Turkey conveyed that the agreement would be approved by both the cabinet and the parliament, but it explained that it would attach a declaration saying, 'The Cypriot Greek side does not represent the whole island.' The EU claimed that such a declaration cannot be attached to the agreement. Upon this, Ankara reminded the EU of its agreement with Macedonia and the fact that they attached a declaration saying, 'We do not recognize the country at issue as the Macedonian Republic' to that agreement.

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