The Macedonian Tendency: I hope Macedonia Has Its Spies at This Meeting.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I hope Macedonia Has Its Spies at This Meeting.

Macedonia needs to get its intelligence unit up and running.


Important developments get underway in the European and Balkan region and Greece as a member of the EU and the Cooperation in SE Europe is an indisputable link with all the countries in the region and especially, Serbia-Montenegro. Greece will continue to support the European prospect of the neighboring country and offer assistance within the framework of the National Program for the Reconstruction of the Balkans, stressed Greek Parliament President Anna Psarouda-Benaki in her opening speech in the Conference on the Cooperation Initiative between Greece and Serbia-Montenegro.

The conference was organized by the humanitarian organization LIFELINE headed by Princess Catherine of Yugoslavia.

Mrs. Psarouda-Benaki referred to Greece's policy underlining the importance attributed to the overall stability in the region, which is a precondition for the development of the two countries and the prosperity of the two peoples.

From this point of view, said the Greek Parliament President, the conference will contribute to the strengthening of the Greek-Serb business activities and the promotion of economic cooperation to reach the excellent level of bilateral political relations.

Greece and Serbia can develop closer cooperation at all levels with the assistance of the operationally upgraded Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace which has 18 operational units-sections linked with the rest government ministries. A boost to the already developed bilateral relations - Greece is the fourth largest foreign investor in Serbia - will give the completion of road axis 10, stressed Minister of Macedonia-Thrace Nikos Tsiartsionis.

Mr. Tsiartsionis addressed the conference in Athens within the framework of the “Council of Leaders” held with the participation of Greek and Serb government ministers.

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