The Macedonian Tendency: Gerorge W. Bush Was Strong, Obama is Weak ... The Case of Macedonia

Friday, March 09, 2012

Gerorge W. Bush Was Strong, Obama is Weak ... The Case of Macedonia

The endless discussion of whether Obama is weak or whether George W. Bush was reckless can be settled using Macedonia as a test case.

George W. Bush recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name and pressured Greece drop its veto on Nato membership ... to no avail.  Bush's pressure on Greece was so strong that this is how a Greek cartoonist saw it.

Nato to Macedonians:You're the "Niggers of the Balkans"!

Bush Stands Firm Against Greek Lobby

Lets Build a Statue to Donald Rumsfeld in Macedonia's Capital City, Skopje.

Condi Rice named "Person of the Year" by The Macedonian Tendency

Barak Obama is pressuring Macedonia to continue to "negotiate" it ethnic identity with Greece in exchange for Nato membership. Even though the ICC (International Criminal Court) ruled Greece violated its treaty with Macedonia not to block membership in international organisations. Obama is pathetic and so is Samantha Power. For Obama ethnic Macedonians are just the "White Niggers of the Balkans" and he loves bowing down to the Greek lobby

Oprah, Obama Will Disapoint You!

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