The Macedonian Tendency: Three Macedonias ... Great, Greater, Greatest!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three Macedonias ... Great, Greater, Greatest!

By David Edenden,

I once was looking at a large detailed wall map of "Greater Macedonia" published by a Macedonian society in the 1920's. It was basically the Vardar River shed and based on three Ottoman provinces. The border makers, often in faraway lands and without any consultations with the people on the ground ...  blissfully ignored that these lines put that same ethnic group on different sides of the line. Nothing much has changed in all these years. I'm talking to you US/EU/Nato.

One of Michael Ignatieff's ancestors Count Ignatieff, Foreign Minister to the Russian Tsar was involved in map making in aid of the Macedonia Christians in the 1880' but poor Michael decided to go another way and adopt the Geek position.

This "Geographic Macedonia" seems to be a consensus among the chattering classes of the Republic of Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria that this is indeed "Macedonia" with Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, in the past,  claiming all of it. Albanians were not part of this consensus and have their own maps of Greater Albania based on different Ottoman provinces from a different era.  Albanians ... you really should publish them on the internet!

In the 1990's a Greek government ad in the New York Times addressed the partition of  "Geographic" Macedonia in 1912, but now Greece's position seems to be that only their section of the partitioned area is REALLY Macedonia.and the  concept of "Geographic Macedonia" is a Communist-Slavo-Skopjian-Gyposy-Plot ... go figure.

If anyone has a copy of that New York Times ad, please scan it and email it to me and I will post.

Republic Of Macedonia
Small .. But Mighty
This is what the Greeks are soooo afraid of!

Greater Macedonia
Every Macedonian carries one of these in his wallet!
Someday (Edenden), Someday  (Edenden)

Macedonia Uber Alles,   Bigger than all of Europe! 
Macedonia is EXCEPTIONAL  ... I could go on ...


  1. The fact that Greece and Bulgaria have organized modern state for 2 centuries, enabled them, through propaganda, to pass across the global community their own "historical evidence" related to Macedonia, as their interest was, with a bunch of lies and "ignored facts". The Macedonians, unfortunately, didn’t had voice until recently. But now, we will strive to restore the historical truth and reveal all the lies with which the conquerors of the Macedonian land, «fed» all, around the world .

    Macedonians have no need to counterfeit their true history. Those who have great need to do so (to prove that they own it) are the illegal conquerors of Macedonia. The fact that the Greeks and the Bulgarians agreed to share (with the Serbs) the territories of Macedonia, is a great proof that it does not belong to them. Macedonians would have never shared Macedonia, with others!

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