The Macedonian Tendency: Ron Paul, The US is Borrowing Money From China to Insult Macedonians in their Own Country

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ron Paul, The US is Borrowing Money From China to Insult Macedonians in their Own Country

By David Edenden

US diplomats have their heads so far up their butts, that it is considered NOT passing strange that the US embassy in Macedonia decided to unleash a campaign to tutor Macedonians on how to behave in their own country ... because ... you know... the US is EXCEPTIONAL and Macedonians are just a bunch of NIGGERS without an ethnicity, language, culture and history.
This would NOT be a big deal, and I would NOT be sooo upset, were it not for the fact US Ambassador Paul Wohlers (also here) is strutting around Macedonia, like a cock of the walk, urging Macedonians to negotiate with Greece to voluntarily wipe themselves off the map in a reversal of the Bush policy of "let Macedonia be Macedonia". (also see here)
In addition, Vampires or  "US-GFO's" (US Government Funded Organizations) such as Sabine Freizer Gunes (ICG - Internationals Crisis Group) and Barbara Frye (Transitions Online,) in what seems to be an orchestrated campaign to denigrate and subvert Macedonia in aid of ... I don't know what.
Finally, when all is said and done ... Samantha Power ... I am APPALLED , but not shocked.
PUTIN: COME TO MACEDONIA! We need 99 missiles to protect us from IRAN!

Campaign of the American Embassy offend public:
Utrinski Vesnik, (Google translation)

"You're not fish," - a strange ad of the U.S. Embassy. Campaign in combination of two citizens compare with several animals, despite good intentions, may offend the audience
Nahum Kotevski

Campaign for the rule of law - "Obey the law! For the common good "of the American Embassy in Macedonia is in full swing. Through media and billboards, the citizens are pointing to the necessity of respecting the laws, which they actively participated in improving the overall social life. 

The message is straightforward, and for someone and harsh: "If you have not I do to be nice, always will be bad." Honesty and commitment of the U.S. Embassy for more just social system is not disputed. But the specific way it is packaged justified marketingshki project. Namely, to indicate the importance of change awareness in ads, created by advertising agency "Futura" it draws a parallel between citizens and the few animals that are represented by thumbnails.

"Children are not calves!Enroll your child in school ".
"You're not fish shut up! Prevent domestic violence ".
"Do not hide like a snake! Report this tax ".
"You're not a pig! Respect the law cleaner Macedonia ".
"You're not a parrot talk freely! Say your opinion ".
"Respect those who work as bees!Worry about the rights of workers ".
"You think you're sly as a fox! Prevent corruption ".

These are the seven ads that, despite the good intention of "Futura" and the American Embassy, ​​some citizens say they contain messages pezhorativno importance. "The campaign is okay, but really insulting my child to compare calf or us adults to compare with pigs and snakes. The comparison is obscene. We know that we are aware of our shortcomings, "the reaction of disgruntled citizens.

Unkovski Philip, the head of the agency "Futura" is not considered that the campaign is offensive and that a radical approach. "I am glad to have comments. This means that the campaign initiated public discussion and that we were able to encourage people to think about these topics.

Campaign openly discuss specific problems in our society a clear and direct way. The goal is to develop greater awareness and create some issues related to our behavior, "says Unkovski, which reveals that in shaping the agency's campaign was led by some major themes of the rule of law, defined and identified by citizens as troubled by polls. komunikologot Vesna Sopar, however, deviates from the established line of Unkovski but a similar post with the dissatisfied audience for this sensitive issue. "At first glance, when you see the ad remain confused. I agree with citizens who are born a feeling of annoyance. When we're making jokes and jokes of his own account is one thing but when someone does something completely different. There are jokes about blondes, the police, as one which asks what the policeman in front aquarium, followed by a quick response - same as fish. However, when it will see quite billboards can really offended, "said Sopar. She adds that the idea of the American Embassy can eventually generate a negative effect.

"The basic rule is that ad anywhere to be honest. It is by definition provokes emotions of people. But if you do not take account of its conformity with the people that is intended, that correspond to their culture, can have the opposite effect. Instead attention can distract, "emphasized Sopar.Yesterday contacted by American Embassy, ​​but did not receive a response or comment to our questions about the design of the campaign Ron Paul,


  1. Never seen a worse marketing campaign. Speechless. Must be done in Paint by someone's child.

  2. The reason I addressed it to Ron Paul is that it is incredible how much money the US/EU/Nato spends in Macedonia ... a country of two million ... in way that divide, hurt and insult the Macedonian people.

    What a waste of money. If they really want to help, they should just say to the Macedonian government we will give you money for roads and bridges. We can get a good estimate and after you build it, we will give you the agreed upon amount.

    Any issues with cost over runs, graft or corruption will be the responsibility of the Macedonian government.

    Win, win.

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