The Macedonian Tendency: "Jeopardy" Questions on Balkan History.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Jeopardy" Questions on Balkan History.

By David Edenden
These questions should be part of the "Joint History Project"

According to the memoirs of C. L. Sulzberger, in 1950, David Ben Gurion, invited ... which Communist Vice President ... of which country ...  to Israel, because, as a Deputy in the Parliament of the Young Turks, 1908 -1912, ... "he often spoke out in defense of the rights of the Jews, when Jewish members of Parliament were too cowed to speak" (Sulzberger's words). Including, apparently, the right of Ottoman Jews to move to Palestine. He died before he could go, but, his son wrote a book called "How I Saw Israel".

Which country did Christopher Hitchens want to wipe of the face of the map ... since April 1993. (hint ... not Israel)

In which country, did a major religious figure try to rally young people into a 50 bus convoy to destroy a newly opened radio station broadcasting ... in which minority language?

There is only one head of state, now deceased ... of which country ... who knelt down with President George W. Bush, in the Oval Office, and ..... PRAYED!

According to the US Sate Department ... which country is Pearl of the Balkans?

President George W. Bush, with the support of Powell, Rumsfeld and Rice recognized this country by its constitutional name rather by an acronym ... why?

In a dispute between two countries, there are a million US citizens of one country but only 40,000 of its rival. Which side did candidate Obama support? Why? Which side does Republican Foreign Relations Chair Ileana Ros-Lehtinen currently support? Why?

The family of the Prime Minister of this country hails from the province of the same name, of its rival. His father still lives there ... spooky! {correction: father lives in Skopje ... my mistake}

A UN mediator has been working on this dispute since 2000, 11 years and another mediator worked before him. How much money were these people paid over the lats 15 - 20 years?

This county is the birthplace of which 4 leading historical figures of of which neighboring counties.

According to Roger Ebert, a film from which country by, a first time director, should have won the 1994 Oscar for best foreign language film, but was given to Russia instead.


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