The Macedonian Tendency: US State Department confirms Macedonia is the "Pearl of the Balkans"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

US State Department confirms Macedonia is the "Pearl of the Balkans"

 By David Edenden

Dear Meto, on your US census form are you going to put down American-Macedonian or Canadian-Macedonian?  You sound like a Canadian hockey player who was hit one too many times by the puck! What's this all about ... "I can't believe the image on the cover ..."? 

Be an American-Macedonian for god's sake! Here is how it is done in the US ...
"As a result of the massive lobbying campaign by the "United Macedonia Diaspora", the employee magazine of the US State Department has a feature story on Macedonia along with a picture of a 13th century monastery on Lake Ohrid on its cover.
You would not believe what had to be done to convince the delicious Stephanie Rowlands to write this article, and sneak it past the admirers of "Greek culture" at the State Department.  Rest assured that boundaries were respected and everything was consensual."
Can't wait to hear the question of the of the Greek  journalist at the State Department briefing on Monday ... fun times.

"U.S. State Department Magazine:

Macedonia's Pearl of the Balkans
Friday, 09 April 2010

By Meto Koloski

We just got a copy of the April 2010 State Magazine and couldn't believe the image on the cover - Macedonia's Pearl of the Balkans - Lake Ohrid, Macedonia!

Then you look on page 20, and there is an article on Skopje, Ancient Macedonia Builds Modern Democracy by Stephanie Rowlands. Beautiful pictures of Skopje life!

Click HERE to see for yourself!"

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  1. I am so glad that you continue to publish posts on your weblog about Macedonia (after the 2009 big sleep :) ). Best Regards and keep up the good work