The Macedonian Tendency: An Ethnic Macedonian's Proposal to Save Greece From Ruin

Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Ethnic Macedonian's Proposal to Save Greece From Ruin

By David Edenden

The collapse of Greece is treatenening to take down the whole Balkans, including The Republic of Macedonia ... so here I am ... an ethnic Macedonian ... born in Greece ... to single handedly save Greece from ruin.
Get expatriates to come to Greece to form a new political party … “The Party of 300″  (in Sparta … for obvious reasons).  There are 300 seats in the Greek Parliament. 
The goal sweep away the entire political class since all share responsibility for driving Greece off a cliff. It will change Greek political culture, create growth and restore the social safety net … especially pensions. It will also renew a sense of trust between the EU and Greece.
Criteria for membership:
1. Must be from the diaspora (to minimize conflict of interest).
2. Must be able and willing to invest over 1 million Euros in Greek Bonds (yeah ... you read it right the first time).
Jennifer Aniston
3. Must be willing to work for 1 Euro per year with no “extras.
4. Must be willing to serve for only one term.

John Stamos
First law to be passed: All former elected politicians at the national and local level will be banned, for life, from running for office.
Second law passed: Form a Lustration Committee to investigate and prosecute political corruption for the last 20 years.
Contact Jennifer Aniston, John Stamos and other Greek celebrities to lend publicity and solidarity. Ask them to invest 1 million Euros in Greek Bonds ... how come this has not been suggested before. Why depend on the Germans.
At the local level Local political candidates of "The Party of 300" (also from the diaspora) for mayor and local councils need not invest 1 million Euros, but must be willing to serve for 1 Euro per year. Therefore they must have a verified  income (pension?) and serve for only one term.

Don't thank me now ... thank me latter.


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