The Macedonian Tendency: Christopher Hitchens Help Defend the Macedonian Language Radio Station in Greece

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens Help Defend the Macedonian Language Radio Station in Greece

By David Edenden

In honour of the passing of Christopher Hitchens I have re-posted this article from a few weeks ago.

I know we have had our differences in the past, but I thought you might use this occasion to support the right of the ethnic Macedonian minority in Greece to defend and promote their language and culture.

In this way you will, in a fashion, be paying reparations to ethnic Macedonians for your past support of the Greek position to wipe ethnic Macedonians off the map. This would be similar to your new found concern about anti-Antisemitism below.

Anyway ... GOD BLESS ... and don't be a stranger!

Joining the Tribe Late in Life: The Ever-Widening Circle of Celebrity Jews –
 Are lives changed by the knowledge? Sometimes. Hitchens, an outspoken anti-Zionist, wrote in the Forward in 2000 that his ethnic heritage meant nothing, but by 2002 he was raging in Vanity Fair about the growing anti-Semitic threat to the unwary West, including “people like me.” His anti-Zionism had morphed from a fiery radicalism into a lament that Israel hadn’t fully solved the Jews’ problems. (I asked him that fall if his Jewish roots hadn’t touched him deeper than he’d realized. His reply: “I think you’re right, chaver.”)
MINA Breaking News - Greek Priest Calls for Attack on Macedonian Radio Station:
Greek Priest Anthimos
 Greek Priest Anthimos as a "true Christian" has asked for 40-50 Greeks to board buses, go to Florina/Lerin and break and burn the Macedonian language radio station because, according to him ethnic Macedonians would air anti-Greek propaganda. 
Anthimos' statement was issued after the announcement of Pande Ashlakov, the head of (?)/Ovcarani (Florina /Lerin) who said that "Vinozito" had received a license for a Macedonian language radio station that would be broadcasting program from Florina/Lerin to Thessoloniki/Solun.

Ashlakov at the Ilinden celebration said the radio will start working at the end of the year and as part of its program will have live shows and news.

Anthimos was seething, claiming the damned people will probably name their radio "Macedonian radio".

How is this possible? Are we the Greeks allowed to have a radio station anywhere in the Balkans? asked Anthimos.

The Greek priest shouldn't be worried, for example the in the Republic of Macedonia the Macedonian State Radio (paid for by taxpayers money) has broadcasted programs in every Balkan language, including Greek Albanian and Rom (Gypsy) for more than a decade.

Greek media reported the Thessoloniki/Solun priest was asking for 40-50 volunteers to board buses head to Florina/Lerin and attack the radio station.

With losing his "What Would Jesus Do" bracelet, priest Anthimos seems to have lost his way.

(Note: the italics are my edits to the story) 

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