The Macedonian Tendency: Thomas Brey Is A Vampire and Supporter of Greek Racism!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thomas Brey Is A Vampire and Supporter of Greek Racism!

By David Edenden

Thomas Brey
(He's not pretty)
This article below by Thomas Brey, who  heads the Balkan office of the German DPA news agency, is an example of the uphill battle Macedonians have in their struggle against Greek racism. He is "soooo" concerned about Greek sensibilities but ignores Greece's attempt to  wipe its ethnic Macedonian minority off the map.

I doubt that he will every write about the Greek priest's conspiracy to burn down the proposed Macedonian language radio station in Greece. Remember, Greece's minority rights values are, by definition EU and Nato values and naturally German values. Even at a time when Greece has made a mess of Europe's (and German's) finances, our friend Thomas still finds it in his heart to weep for Greece's racist ideology.

Nick, next time this fascist sets foot in the Republic of Macedonia waterboard him ... (remember waterboarding ins not torture)!

Skopje-Athens dispute: Who "owns" Alexander the Great? -
Monsters and Critic, By Thomas Brey Aug 21, 2011, 
Greece has been insisting on a change of name for the Balkan state. Internationally, Skopje has thus been acting under the bulky name of 'Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.'
Every attentive student knows from history class that Alexander the Great belongs to Greece just like the Acropolis in Athens.
And still Greek history professor Basi Gounaris in Thessaloniki says, 'This conflict is never going to be solved, I'll bet my money on that.'
'What Skopje is doing is nationalism in the style of the 19th century,' he adds, condemning the recent events.
And in Greece, no political party would take the risk of solving the problem - history is the only thing 'that keeps the Greek population together,' the professor adds.
'Antique history is of such tremendous value for us that we cannot accept any compromise.'

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