The Macedonian Tendency: The Sheer Mendacity of George Robertson

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Sheer Mendacity of George Robertson

By David Edenden

Gordon Robertson
 10th Sec Gen of NATO
George, when I read comments like your's below ... I just want to SPIT!

Go to Greece and be the first EU politician to appear on the new proposed Macedonian language radio station. Denounce Greek racism against its ethnic Macedonian minority. Introduce a resolution for an EU/Nato reparations program for Greece's ethnic Macedonian minority. Sell Macedonian language books, CDs, videos on the streets of Florina/Lerin. (Don't get shot). 

Go back to the Scottish Parliament, kneel down and ask for forgiveness for aiding and abetting the cultural genocide of ethnic Macedonians in Greece!

Anyway ... God bless and don't be a stranger!
Macedonia should join NATO, Skopje and Athens can reach a compromise - former NATO chief :: EMG :: SEE news:
Referring to the 10th anniversary of the Ohrid Accord, Robertson notes that it is a classic example of how a country can solve all of its problems through committment and leadership demonstrated by then president Trajkovski. "It can serve as a model for solving similar conflicts in the region."

"The Ohrid Agreement can be considered a model for settling minority rights and issues, because the treatment of minorities is and will become an increasing issue, which requires resolutions," Robertson stresses.

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  1. He's called George Robertson, not Gordon. He's only ever served in the British parliament, not Scottish. He is Scottish.