The Macedonian Tendency: Vampire Alert - Janusz Bugajski in Tetevo, Macedonia

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vampire Alert - Janusz Bugajski in Tetevo, Macedonia

By David Edenden,

There is a special place in hell for a monster like Janusz Bugajski who walks across the block to destabilize a country ... in this case Macedonia. Bugajski wants the "what's in a name dispute" to be "acceptable for Macedonians, Albanians and Greeks". This little pathetic fascist-in-training thinks that Albanians in Macedonian need more rights (because their shit doesn't smell) while Macedonians in Greece can eat shit!

Someone ... please ... take this poser to an undisclosed location and waterboard him! (Remember, waterboarding is not torture)

Janos Bugajski's address at Tetovo tribune

Tetevo, Macedonia May 15 (MIA) - Janos Bugajski, Director of the Washington Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for Eastern Europe, addressed Thursdaya tribune in Tetovo, organized by the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA).

The new government should soon recognize Kosovo, as it is in favor of Macedonia and the region's stability, Bugajski said, pointing out that Macedonia may join NATO by December if the situation develops as expected.

- DPA and Albanians may play rather significant, stabilizing role in reaching a compromise on the name issue. The name settlement should be acceptable for Macedonians, Albanians and Greeks. Macedonians should not feel insecure if the name was changed, especially if in the process they enjoyed the support of Albanians. After joining NATO and the EU there will no threats to Macedonia's survival, Bugajski said.

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