The Macedonian Tendency: Youtube: Macedonians of Greece speak out!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Youtube: Macedonians of Greece speak out!

By David Edenden

This is a great leap forward in the Macedonian campaign for human rights for ethnic Macedonians in Greece. Youtube with subtitles!

Attention Macedonian politicians: Ask for funding from Nato, The EU and the US put subtitles on Youtube clips, for Macedonian language radio programs in Greece and for Macedonian language courses in Greek schools.

Expect a big fat NO! and then publish the responses ... because ... you know ... these people are vampires!

The Macedonians of Greece speak out!
Now with subtitles in English!
Makedonika: The Macedonian Blog:

This program is called “Vo Centar: Egejska Makedonija”(In Centrum: Aegean Macedonia) it was aired on Macedonian television 2008.05.06"

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