The Macedonian Tendency: May 29 - I Hypocrtie! by Arianna Huffington

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29 - I Hypocrtie! by Arianna Huffington

By David Edenden

I have followed the career of Arianna Huffington for years and I continue to be amazed that this "political chameleon" is allowed in polite company. Here she puts Macedonia in a list of countries that violate human rights.

Arianna knows that none of the ethnic minorities in the Republic of Macedonia, not the Albanians, not the Gypsies, not the Turks, not the Serbs and not the Jews would trade their rights in the Republic of Macedonia with the cultural genocide that is inflicted on the ethnic Macedonians of Greece.

And Human Rights For All? | Rights and Liberties

"If more proof of the hypocritical selectivity of Bush's moral outrage were needed, look no further than the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, when, in the name of liberating the Iraqi people, the White House gladly linked arms with a host of countries its own State Department had castigated for significant human rights violations -- including Uzbekistan, Colombia, Georgia, Eritrea, Macedonia, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, and the Dominican Republic. Given these countries' dismal human rights records, maybe we should have called them the Coalition of the Willing to Torture, Execute, and Rape."

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  1. At leash she didn't use the "F word", I guess..