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Friday, September 02, 2011

Macedonia - Holiday Hotspot - Telegraph

Once strife riven countries that have become holiday hotspots - Telegraph:


Summary: The people of Macedonia were on the receiving end of oppression from the Greeks in particular and earlier from the Turks, Bulgarians and Serbians. They constantly fought for their independence since and civil rights but until 1944 were denied their right to exist as an independent state. Despite having been proclaimed an independent state in 1944, however, as late as 1995, Greece was still refusing to recognise the existence of Macedonia or accept its right to use the name ‘Macedonia’ for the country, nation and language. This was because of Greece’s fears that Macedonia would lay cultural claim over Aegean Macedonia.
Holiday Attractions:
The wide variety of churches and monasteries. The museums in Macedonia which display nearly 3000 years worth of history and ancient culture. The physical landscape of the country also makes it a popular destination, especially the lakes and small villages and mountainous countryside which make it popular with walkers and nature lovers. Other tourist attractions include the fortresses including Marko’s Fortress, Skopje’s Fortress and Samuel’s Fortress which are significant historical monuments and ‘reflect the architectural grandeur of contemporary periods’, according to

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