The Macedonian Tendency: Last Word on Macedonian Basketball

Monday, September 19, 2011

Last Word on Macedonian Basketball

David Edenden 
I don't know if these figures are correct, but someone in the mainstream media should investigate.

MINA Breaking News: "
Is it just me or?
Gorazd Velkovski 

What was FIBA thinking when it ordered Lithuanian police to confiscate the flags with the Kutlesh sun Macedonian fans were waving. Our fans still smuggled more than a dozen flags in their underpants and waved them in the arena. 

Is it just me or FIBA should have known better when it appointed a Greek referee for the Bronze medal match? The statistics painted an interesting picture, 89% of his calls went against Macedonia. The second worst percentage at the championship was 65% by a Montenegrin referee whom FIBA kicked out of the tournament.

Is it me or Greece will find time even money to meddle in Macedonia's affairs even though if it means it is the last thing the odd little neighbor will do! It seems Athens will crash and burn, but not before pooping in our yard. Such anger the Athenians have. We the Macedonians aren't like you. We are friendly and kind. Speaking of kindness, send your basketball team to Macedonia, we will train them so you can achieve good results.

Is it just me, or Macedonia's leadership truly rejoiced in the last two weeks. Numerous times government officials were seeing celebrating in downtown Skopje, mingling with people, wearing jerseys.

Imagine now our football team turns things around and .... scores a goal! What a day that would be!

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