The Macedonian Tendency: Irene Hurricane Victim Was Worker From Macedonia

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Irene Hurricane Victim Was Worker From Macedonia

Irene victim in Wilmington was Mount Snow worker from Macedonia | Burlington Free Press | 

Brent Hallenbeck

Wilmington Police Chief Joe Szarejko confirmed Monday afternoon that a 20-year-old woman from the Eastern European country of Macedonia drowned when the car she was in became trapped by flooding Sunday from the Deerfield River.Ivana Taseva, 20, was in southern Vermont on a work program at the Mount Snow ski area in Dover as part of its housekeeping staff, Szarejko said. She, her boyfriend and two other men came upon an area covered in water while driving Sunday, Szarejko said. They were unable to drive away, he said, and the car began to be swept away by the floodwaters. Taseva and her boyfriend tried unsuccessfully to get to higher ground, and while he was able to hold onto the car, Szarejko said Taseva was swept away. All three men escaped uninjured.

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