The Macedonian Tendency: How Vile Is Christopher Hitchens? ... Let Me Count The Ways.

Monday, April 05, 2010

How Vile Is Christopher Hitchens? ... Let Me Count The Ways.

By David Edenden

I can't read minds, but I doubt that Christopher Hitchens gives a damn about the Armenian Genocide, notwithstanding the article below. 

Turkey denies history—all the more reason for the rest of the world to tell the truth about the Armenian genocide. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine:

"the later erasure of all traces of Armenian life, from the destruction of their churches and libraries and institutes to the crude altering of official Turkish maps and schoolbooks to deny that there had ever been an Armenia in the first place."

 It is merely a sort of reparation payment to his Greek Cypriot wife for abandoning her in England (along with his children) while he takes up with"true love" in the US.

Inaddition to Cyprus, the Elgin Marbles, comrade Hitchens has found time to applaud the cultural genocide the Macedonia people in Greece in their struggle to maintain a semblance of their culture. Along with Greece's campaign to export that genocide to the people of the Republic of Macedonia. Here he is condemning George W. Bush for doing the right thing.

"The unmistakable Greekness of the trove is part of the reason that the Greek government is so upset at President Bush's recent decision to recognize former Yugoslav "Macedonia" under its assumed name."

Apparently it was only recently that Hichens discovered that his grandmother was Jewish, a fact that she hid from her own children. It is still not enough for him to summon one ounce sympathy for those Macedonians in Greece who hide their ethnicity from their own children. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Anyway ... to much time spent on this vile excuse for a human being. 

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