The Macedonian Tendency: "The Fray" Editor at Slate Hate Me!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"The Fray" Editor at Slate Hate Me!

By David Edenden

My comment regarding an article by Christopher Hitchens has been deleted, but my re-posting of the comment still stands as of now.  I have my theories involving conspiracies and plots ... since I am from the Balkans. We will see if light on this subject is indeed an antiseptic.

My comment regarding an article by William which contained an obscenity in the title, has been deleted because, I assume, I satirized the obscenity  in my comment. The original obscenity has been removed from the title, but not from the article, (Update Apr 8 - mystery solved ... no harm no foul)

My link to this site on my Slate profile has been deleted three times, and I have put it back three times. It still stands as of now.
Update - taken down and re-added April 8th

And don't get me started on this Slate atrocity!

If anyone has had similar experiences, please post here.

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