The Macedonian Tendency: Sam Vaknin and the Narcissism of Wall Street

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sam Vaknin and the Narcissism of Wall Street

Sam Vaknin lives in Skpopje and has written often on Macedonian issues. I really don't know much about the guy, but bellow we have some interesting information

Here is his web site:

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Dr. Vaknin lives in Skopje, Macedonia. Via email, we discussed what may well be the defining malady of our age.

Sam Vaknin is the world’s leading expert on narcissism. He’s also a narcissist himself. He was diagnosed with the illness in 1996 while serving a prison term in his native Israel. Before his imprisonment on fraud-related charges, Vaknin was an award-winning writer and an accomplished businessman. He is also well-educated, having earned a doctorate in philosophy from Pacific Western University in California.

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