The Macedonian Tendency: Nortel Fans Want Zafirovski

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nortel Fans Want Zafirovski

It is interesting that Zafirovski is still referred to as a native of Macedonia. Maybe Mike (Mihailo) can take some time off and spend a year advising the Macedonian government on industrial policy.

Nortel Fans Want Zafirovski

A year after he was passed over for the top job at Motorola, Zafirovski said Wednesday he would leave the cell-phone giant this month. Though the executive didn't offer any clue to his next step, some observers see a natural fit at troubled Nortel (NT:NYSE - news - research).

No matter where he ends up, the Macedonia native shouldn't have too much trouble finding his next big job, industry analysts say. In addition to the battle stripes he earned at Motorola, Zafirovski logged 24 years at executive talent mill General Electric

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