The Macedonian Tendency: Bush Likes the company of Macedonian

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bush Likes the company of Macedonian

Powerfull Macedonian lobby at work!

Reality Macedonia : Detroit: Bush Attended Macedonian Kolede Celebration

George W. Bush, the President of U.S.A., climbed down from the stage to shake hands with Svetozar Stameski – Svetle, at the Kolede (Christmas) celebration organized in Detroit, in the area predominantly inhabited by Macedonians.

"By this act Bush bestowed great honor on Stameski, a Macedonian lobbyist and Republican Party member, but this also meant great honor for all Macedonians in attendance," stated for Dnevnik Petko Zafirovski, member of the Macedonian-American National Association.

American President thanked for the support during the presidential elections. Several members of the Association were invited at the meeting, with Stameski as special guest.

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