The Macedonian Tendency: Is Skopje this Bad?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Is Skopje this Bad?

This is a discussion of re-building after a earthquake. One paragraph mention of Skopje in 1963. Is skopje really this bad?

The Globe and Mail: Grappling with a vast ground zero

Too often, ham-fisted and maladroit are the words to describe the contribution of foreigners working their so-called magical designs over devastated communities. Kenzo Tange's skyscraper city imposed during the 1960s on the fine-grained city of Skopje, Macedonia, is one of the all-time calamities of design. Besides its inappropriate cultural response, the design called for housing blocks to be built close enough to fall onto each other, or, in one case, on a daycare centre, in a region with a continued high risk of earthquake activity.

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