The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonians for Makpedia

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Macedonians for Makpedia

Makpedia the Free Macedonian Encyclopedia:

In Macedonian / по маедонски : макпидија

Makpedia is a project that started in 2006 largely because of the Wikipedia project.

Many ethnic Macedonians contributed to the Wikipedia project with limited success. Every time a new article about Macedonia or Macedonians was created it was quickly defaced or modified according to the views of each pro-Greek or pro-Bulgarian that modified it.

You'll find a fairly small database of facts and information about Macedonia on Makpedia but that does not mean that is all to be said of it. We are in our infancy stages and we continue to publish new articles on a regular basis.

Makpedia is staffed solely by ethnic Macedonians. Its main purpose is not to take a stance in denying the existence of an ethnic group such as that of pro-Greeks, pro-Bulgarians, pro-Serbians, or even pro-Albanians. If we as a people can accept their existence and distinctness as a separate culture, then they can do the same for Macedonians. We are Macedonians, not Serbians, not Bulgarians, not Greeks nor Albanians. We have our own language, our own culture, our own identity. Administrator, April 2006"

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