The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian Film Festival, October 13, 14, Toronto

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Macedonian Film Festival, October 13, 14, Toronto

Macedonian Film Festival

Last year the first Macedonian Film Festival was held in Toronto. It was the first and only one of its kind in North America. Films by Macedonian directors were enthusiastically received by the Canadian audiences.

This year we are proud to present our second annual film festival on October 13 and 14, 2007. Once again, we will be screening a variety of films of various genres including classic Macedonian films, contemporary features and documentaries. All films will be in English or have English subtitles.


The purpose and goal of the Macedonian Film Festival is to broaden the awareness of all Canadians to Macedonian talent and culture as well as focus attention on contemporary and historical issues facing the Macedonian Diaspora.

The Macedonian Film Festival is the primary venue in Canada for presenting films by Macedonian directors, writers and producers from around the world. The Macedonian Film Festival is an event like no other in North America, bringing together Macedonians and the Canadian community to be enlightened, educated and entertained by what Macedonia has to offer on the socio-cultural global landscape.

The Festival also features films with a Macedonian theme by filmmakers, regardless of their ethnic background. We want to create and encourage dialogue, reflect the Macedonian conscience and complex identity as well as promote our unique Macedonian culture.


Information and box office: 647-262-4622




All films are subject to availability at the time of screening. Please check back often as this page will be updated regularily.
THE SECRET BOOK (Tajnata kniga - Тајната книга)

Released: 2006 - Macedonia (In Macedonian, with English subtitles)
Duration: 93 minutes
Classification: Feature

Director: Vlado Cvetanovski
Screenplay: Ljube Cvetanovski, Jordan Plevnesh
Producer: Dimitar Nikolov
Leading Roles: Gjorgji Jolevski, Meto Jovanovski, Vlado Jovanovski, Labina Mitevska

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The Secret Book
CONTACT (Kontakt - Контакт)

Released: 2006 - Germany/Macedonia (In Macedonian, with English subtitles)
Duration: 95 minutes
Classification: Feature - Drama

Director: Sergej Stanojkovski
Screenplay: Sergej Stanojkovski
Producer: Marcelo Busse, Markus Hilberschmidt
Leading Roles: Labina Mitevska, Nikola Kojo

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Released: 2006 - Slovenia
Duration: 96 minutes
Classification: Documentary

Director: Petra Seliskar

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The Grandmothers of Revolution

Released: 2002 - Canada
Duration: 5 minutes
Classification: Animated

Director: Alex Vasolla

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Released: 2005 - United States
Duration: 20 minutes
Classification: Short Film
(N.B. Adult situations)

Director: Tom Spiroff

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Two Divorced Guys in a Bar
BLACK SEED (Crno seme - Црно семе)

Released: 1971 - Macedonia (In Macedonian, with English subtitles)
Duration: 89 minutes
Classification: Feature - Historical

Director: Kiril Cenevski
Screenplay: Kiril Cenevski, Tashko Georgievski
Producer: Blagoja Angelovski
Leading Roles: Darko Damevski, Mite Grozdanov, Aco Jovanovski, Voja Miric, Risto Shishkov, Pavle Vuisic

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Black Seed

Released: 2005 - Canada
Duration: 90 minutes
Classification: Feature - Drama, Sci-Fi

Director: Boris Mojsovski
Writer: Boris Mojsovski, Ognen Georgievski
Producer: Boris Mojsovski, Srdjan Vilotijevic, Ingrid Veninger
Leading Roles: Greg Bryk, Mary Krohnert, Zorana Kydd, Chris Gillett

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MACEDONIAN DREAM: A Girl and her Accordion

Released: 2006 - Germany
Duration: 30 minutes
Classification: Documentary

Director: Biljana Garvanlieva

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Macedonian Dream

Released: 2004 - Canada, US
Duration: 102 minutes
Classification: Feature - Romance, Comedy
(N.B. Adult situations)

Director: Vic Sarin
Writer: Brigitte Talevski
Producer: Tina Pehme
Leading Roles: Marla Sokoloff, Jennifer Tilly, Barry Watson, Monika Schnarre

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