The Macedonian Tendency: Serbians in Macedonia

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Serbians in Macedonia

The article below about the Macedonia - Serbian Orthodox Church split was written by By Branko Bjelajac, Balkans Correspondent, Forum 18 News Service.

MACEDONIA: Serbian Orthodox "will never get registration"

It seems to be accurate, although from a Serbian perspective. I don't know anything about this group and they don't seem to have a Macedonian correspondent.

Question: I understand that there is a small Macedonian community living in Belgrade. Has the Macedonian Church tried to open a parish to serve their needs? Would the Serbian Orthodox Church oppose this?

The Macedonian government should drop its opposition to the Serbian Churches in Macedonia. It only makes us look bad without any benefit in drawing attention to the plight of Macedonians in Greece or Bulgaria.

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