The Macedonian Tendency: Another Report - Another Chance to Ignore Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Another Report - Another Chance to Ignore Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria

Freedom House Report: Macedonia is Partly Free Country

We have a new report from a group called "Freedom House", that promotes the interests of the USA. This means that Freedom House ignores "freedom issues" that conflict with US interests. Which of course means that Macedonians in Greece are ignored. Macedonians are mentioned as being part of the "Ethnic Groups: Greek (98 percent), other [including Macedonian and Turkish] (2 percent)" It also reports that Greece does not "recognize" minorities, but that has not stopped Greece from being declared "free".

Macedonia, for its part, was declared "partly free" because of issues relating to the Albanians etc. Nothing too sinister here, just that "Freedom House proposes that Albanians deserve to eat "human rights cake" while cheerfully ignoring the fact that Macedonians in Greece have to eat "human rights shit"

Bulgaria is declared to be free even though they acknowledge that " there have been reports that the government has denied ethnic Macedonians the right to hold public gatherings".

I got this story from a web site One World South East Europe. don't know much about this group. It just discusses the report without going into it failing. No complain here, it can't do everytin.

Organizations: Partly Truthful about Macedonia

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