The Macedonian Tendency: Noel Malcolm Is To Blame for Balkan Ills

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Noel Malcolm Is To Blame for Balkan Ills

By David Edenden 

I  have to say that I agree with every thought expressed below, by Noel Malcolm, but I still think that he bears significant responsibility, along with Samantha Power,  for the wars in the Balkans ... yeah! ... you read it right the first time!

!Along with the Economist article, Do not disagree (Aug.14, 1993), the THE NEW BULLY OF THE BALKANS,(1992) by Noel Malcolm helped put the plight of ethnic Macedonians in Greece before the before journalists, academics, human rights groups and some politicians in the early 1990's. However, he has said nothing since then and the Economist seems also to have lost interest.

If Noel Malcolm, early on, had wrote that the mistreatment of ethnic Macedonians in Greece is the inspiration for every racist, every fascist and every ethnic cleanser in the Balkans. The United States, the EU and Nato are complicit in the ongoing cultural genocide, of a people who have lived in, what considered the cradle of democracy, for 1,500 years ... 

If Noel Malcolm had put the boots to the nonsense that Robert D.Kaplan and Christopher Hitchens spewed about Macedonians ... 

If ...

Noel, its still not to late to do so.
Noel Malcolm: ‘Communists, not Ottomans, Are To Blame for Balkan Ills’ ::
"Q: Knowing how Europe operates and its mentality, could we see Serbia get into EU without recognizing Kosovo, and then blocking it? 
A: If people in the EU are extremely stupid, yes. I am not a great admirer of the EU. I don’t think it is a coherent political project, I think it just led to very incoherent foreign policy. In the end, national governments have fundamentally different national ideas and preferences.
We’ve seen it very clearly with… the strange situation whereby the EU claims to be responsible for the development of Kosovo as a state but sends a mission there [the rule of law mission, EULEX] that does not recognize Kosovo as a state.  
I do worry about European policy. I honestly think they followed a very mistaken path over Cyprus. We are seeing one of the consequences of that now with the ultra-hard line of the Cyprus government against the recognition of Kosovo. If I remember correctly they have said that even if Serbia recognizes Kosovo, Cyprus will never recognize Kosovo. This is bizarre. I am not optimistic about Brussels policy. 
But Brussels does contain intelligent and well-informed people… so, I hope it will form an intelligent policy on this extremely important question.

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