The Macedonian Tendency: Fund of the Holocaust of the Jews from Macedonia

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fund of the Holocaust of the Jews from Macedonia

By David Edenden

Below is the website of the small community of the Jewish people in Macedonia. 
Fund of the Holocaust of the Jews from Macedonia
Holocaust Memorial Center of the Jews from Macedonia, will be opened on March 10, 2011, and is located in the former Jewish neighborhood in Skopje.This will pay tribute to the 7,148 Jews deported from Macedonia to Treblinka Nazi concentration camp, said at a press conference, State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Darko Stefanovski- Memorial Center Holocaust of the Jews from Macedonia is a multimedia center, a series of functional parts and will be opened in several stages. In the first phase, 10 March 2011 will open a museum complex that will comprise the exhibition will present the life of the Jews as an important community in Macedonia, Stefanovski said, adding that the center will be the fourth in the world after centers in Israel, USA and Germany.

According to Wiki-leaks, the US cable from Skopje, Israel has no problems with the Macedonian government's actions with regard to Jewish properties.

9. (C/REL NATO) POW and Holocaust Issues: There are no 
unresolved POW issues. The government receives high marks 
from the Israeli government and in the State Department,s 
International Religious Freedom report for handling Jewish 
community restitution issues. Ground-breaking for a 
Holocaust memorial site in downtown Skopje took place in 
2005, and Jewish community representatives generally express 
satisfaction with the government,s actions to resolve 
outstanding property claims. 

In appreciation for this enlightened policy, Rep. Adam B.Schiff has thoughtfully decided to support Greece's campaign to wipe ethnic Macedonians off the face of the map, (here)!


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