The Macedonian Tendency: Ethnic Albanians Plot to Attack U.S. Army Base!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ethnic Albanians Plot to Attack U.S. Army Base!

By David Edenden

With a headline like this, it can't get any better for the
Serbs. It just may convince the US to heed Russia's advice and move slowly with regard to the independence of Kosovo. It has been a confused situation since the FBI press release did not reveal the ethnicity of the plotters. They have been under investigation for the last number of months. One would expect that their home town in "the former Yugoslavia" would have been identified and be investigated. I smell a plot. They could be from Montenegro, Kosovo, Southern Serbia or even Macedonia with Debar being the prime suspect. Did the FBI contact Macedonia to see if the conspiracy extends there. If not, why not?

Six Men Held Over Plot to Attack U.S. Army Base
New York Time May 8, 2007

"Media in Serbia's U.N.-run Kosovo province reported four of the six men were ethnic Albanians, either from Macedonia, Montenegro or Kosovo itself.

The Islamic Community in Kosovo issued a statement saying it was ``shocked'' at news of the plot.

``This case is particularly hard for us, knowing that people of our nation and our religion are involved,'' it said.

The arrests were made on Monday night in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a Philadelphia suburb where the Duka brothers live.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider ordered the men detained to face charges of plotting to kill military personnel and weapons possession. Each wore a prison jumpsuit and was shackled at the ankles.

Sixteen family members including women wearing headscarves sat in the public benches. Some wept quietly."

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