The Macedonian Tendency: Debar city council

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Debar city council

Makfax vesnik: "Debar condemns plot to attack US army base

Debar /10/05/ 10:58

Debar City Council will convene today for an extraordinary session to condemn the terrorist activities of three fellow citizens, charged in plot to attack army base in the US.

The local government spokesman Ili Mirzo said the high-ranking representatives of the local government decided Wednesday to convoke a session of the City Council, comprised of representatives of five political parties, Makfax correspondent said.

Debar residents condemned the activities of three ethnic Albanians, who were arrested in the United States and accused of plotting to attack Fort Dix Amy base. The group of would-be terrorists included three brothers Shain, Dritan and Elvir Duka, ethnic Albanians born in Debar's village of Spas. /end/"

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